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Welcome to the University of Southern California (USC) Global Executive Master in Business Administration (GEMBA) VII Asia-Pacific (APAC) wiki. This site is intended to serve as a forum and knowledge base for GEMBA VII students, with particular emphasis for those who are not located in Shanghai or Los Angeles, e.g. "commuter students" in the APAC region. As these students do not have the luxury of interfacing with classmates face to face in the 6 weeks between themes, an intelligent use of technology is needed to facilitate learning. We believe that this collaborative wiki will serve as an ideal forum for this facilitation.

In order to edit this wiki, you must be a member of the site. You should have received an email from Bill Leece or Richard Keating inviting you to this forum; if you have not, please contact them directly [Note that their email addresses are not included here for spam protection].

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