GEMBA 7 Study Session meetings will be held a regular intervals in two separate APAC study groups:

Please note that these designations are simply in place to define alternative study schedules, as it is inefficient for all APAC members to try to meet at the same time. Breaking APAC up into groups increases efficiency. You are free to attend either North or South meetings as you like, but it is vital that you understand the study meeting structure, including roles and responsibilities as defined below.

The Roles and Responsibilities of Meeting Leaders, Secretary and Attendees:

Meeting Leader: Subject matter expert and meeting organizer

  • Responsible for entering relevant information on the Theme subject Wiki at least 48 hours before scheduled meeting time
  • Responsible for compiling a list of meeting attendees and creating a Skype group so that meeting can start on time
  • Responsible for sending out a detailed meeting agenda at least 24 hours before start of meeting
  • Responsible for leading Skype study session meeting
  • Responsible for offering guidance and suggestions to classmates with regards to subject matter

Meeting Secretary: Take key notes and action items as requested by the Meeting Leader

  • Responsible for sending meeting minutes and action items to all Meeting Attendees no more than 24 hours after meeting
  • Note that at points during the meeting, the Leader may ask the Secretary to note a specific event for follow up/action and to be included in the meeting minutes. Ideally the Meeting Secretary is knowledgeable enough about the subject being reviewed that they can spend a few minutes taking notes during the course of the meeting.

Meeting Attendees: Meeting Attendees are "everyone else"

  • Responsible for emailing the Meeting Leader at least 24 hours before the scheduled start of the meeting so that the leader may include them on both the agenda email and in the Skype conference setup. Please note that if you do not indicate to the Meeting Leader that you will attend at least 24 hours beforehand, the Leader will assume you are not attending and thus not include you in the Skype conference setup and pre-meeting communications. It is your responsibility to communicate your intention to attend to the Meeting Leader.
  • Responsible for having read the course material and attempted the homework assignments
  • Responsible for coming to meeting on time and ready with questions
  • As the Meeting Leader is putting in a lot of time to help classmates and share his/her knowledge, it would be most appropriate to buy the Leader a beer the next time you see them.
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